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Infuse skin with light, soothing hydration for all-day, or all-night moisture, while reducing inflammation and redness from any treatment.

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After cleansing and applying correctives, apply a dime-sized amount to your full face.

Follow with a broad spectrum SPF in the morning.

Key Ingredients:

CHRONO-GLOW – The Orpheus Flower, a resurrection plant, protects skin cells from senescence and oxidation, while helping to repair cellular damage.

BOTANIMOIST AMS -This apple extract and glycerin saccharide complex instantly hydrates and creates a layer of protective film on the surface of the skin to lock in moisture.

REDYLESS® -Based on a new molecule, piperonyl glucose, Redyless helps minimize redness, while blocking sensitive skin receptors to reduce facial flushing.



Complete your skincare routine with a surge of hydration that replenishes and balances all skin types, leaving behind a non-greasy finish. Crafted as a lightweight moisturizer, it’s designed to establish a protective layer, sealing in both moisture and corrective products. This formulation aids in reducing transepidermal water loss, preventing dehydration. Simultaneously, it alleviates inflammation and redness resulting from chemical peels or professional treatments.


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